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Embarrassing moments in your E36!

18th June 2007

Embarrassing moments in your E36!

Hi Guys,


I’ve found this thread about some of the funniest and embarrassing moments for BMW E36 owners. I hope you like it.




  • When your passenger asks you why your car has no cup holders…and you answer “because it’s an extra $90 at the dealer.


  • Out on a first date with probably the hottest girl to date, 2 things happen:

    • Car overheats in traffic 🙂


    • Just got new rims didn’t think about my CAI, turned a sharp corner and the tire caught my filter, ripped it right out and i ran it over! i had to pull over and run on the street to pick up the pieces. LOOOOL!


  • This was when i first got my car. Sitting at a red light, looking all cool. then i couldn’t get into first (common problem) and stalled it when everyone was checking out the car.


  • One day into driving stick, I am in traffic and stall out and the guy behind me in the smallest Hyundai you can buy is beeping at me and giving the finger.


  • At Bimmerfest, My battery died after a group of us stopped. Then me and my friend had to go into a Church to ask for jumper cables. Worst thing is… 2 mins later a bride and groom came out of the church and Im standing there trying to jump my car.


  • When I act cool at the school when i get dropped of at and everyone is looking i go to put my window up it decides to go down then i put it up and it goes down and looks like crap.


  • When I installed my battery incorrectly and reversed the terminals. My friends truck was dead so I took the battery out of my trunk and used it to start his car since we didn’t have cables. When I put it back in I reversed the terminals. Now, one is bigger than the other so it didn’t fit right at first. So what do I do? I take a hammer (which I happen to have in the trunk) and hammer the terminals on incorrectly. Well there were sparks and then a man walking by tells me there’s smoke coming out of the engine. Well, I fried my alternator and killed the battery. I was able to drive home just on battery power and now I have a new battery and a used ’98 M3 alternator instead of the


  • Once I tried to impress a group of girls. I tried starting my car, oblivious that I set the Code feature, and the engine just turned over. I tried again and it just turned over. I saw the girls start to laugh, so I tried a third time, not understanding why my baby won’t start, and the alarm goes off! By the time I shut the alarm off and start the car, the girls are already walking away laughing.


  • I had just rented a car to drive up to NC to get my 328i and i went to the gas station to fill it up and the pump was going kinda slow, so i just used the lil locking thing so it’ll pump w/o me holding it and i walk in the store to buy a lil snack and come back out, hop in the car and drive off. i got a few feet and hear a clunk and see about 50 people stopped at a red light pointing and laughing… i just drove off with the hose still in the gas tank, it disconnected it from the actual gas pump, so i just had the f*ckin hose hanging from my gas tank…


I hope you liked these, lets see your comments. . .


Wait for more from BMW E36 Blog.


Best regards,

Tony Sticks.

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