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Hostgator Encourages Web Spamming

7th March 2008

Hostgator Encourages Web Spamming

Dear All,

I feel like I need to apologize for being a little bit slow on doing more posts on the BMW E36 Blog. It’s just that I’ve discovered a website that is steeling my blog’s content and placing it on another domain. It’s not steeling my website content only, but it’s also steeling other websites’ content like the as well. This type of spamming is called “splogging” and it’s widely used by some lazy bastards who are looking for getting websites up and running without even spending a minute each day.

I’ve been hit by splogging before from a website on, but luckily Google is taking these issues really serious and they’ve closed the website as soon as I reported the problem.

The Hostgator company, which I thought that it was a respected hosting company, seems to be really ignorant about spamming and they don’t take their business seriously. This not the type of angry posts that is trying to accuse a company with a problem that it doesn’t have. It’s just that I was expecting a better response from this company.

I’ve reported the domain to their abuse department on last Monday thinking that I will be seeing that domain suspended in the next day. Well, guess what? I didn’t hear anything from them for 2 days and the domain is still up and running at full capacity. So, I decided to send them another email. This time, I sent it to their support, security and abuse departments altogether thinking that I may get a response.

Today, I’ve received an automated response that is asking me to file a complaint via fax to them in order to prepare a law suite. Can you believe this? For 5 days, I couldn’t get a real person to just take a look at the website and see if it’s really violating any law or not. They just send you a stupid message asking you to fax them information without even sending a warning to the domain owner.

The funny thing about this is that normally such websites appear all the time and as far as I know some companies take these issues really serious and they will suspend the domain until the law violation act is stopped. I recall a company called Globat and this company suspended a domain in 1 day for spamming. This is the kind of reaction that I was expecting from Hostgator, but unfortunately, they don’t have time to enforce copyright laws.

So, I think I should give this advice to spammers. If you’re looking for a good company to grow an empire of copyright violating websites, they’ve made it simple for you, just use Hostgator. You will start your business steeling other websites content and even if you were reported, you will not be suspended. This is definitely what you’ve been looking for.

Note: I didn’t include a link to that website in order to avoid giving it more weight than it really deserves.

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