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Just upgraded the blog to WordPress 2.3.1

20th November 2007

Just upgraded the blog to WordPress 2.3.1

Hi Guys,

You may have noticed that this blog fails to load occasionally in the last couple days. When you try to load the website, you will be greeted with a problem like “Account Suspended, please contact the webmaster” and it talks about CPU usage being exceeded. I saw this yesterday and I contacted Host Monster to report this problem. They answered me that this problem has nothing to do with their servers and that I will need to fix the problem with my website. One of the suggestions that they offered was to upgrade the blog software to the latest (WordPress 2.3.1). I did that and now I’m hoping this will resolve the issue.

The problem is that I’m not sure if this will totally fix the problem, so I will need your help. Just post a comment in this post if you saw the Death Screen.

Important: Please notice that the BMW Blog account is not suspended. So, if you saw the death screen, simply wait for a minute and try again. It will work. I tried it myself.

Death Screen

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