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BMW E36 Digital Climate Control . . . Secret Test Functions

27th June 2008

BMW E36 Digital Climate Control . . . Secret Test Functions


The BMW E36 digital climate control unit has a feature that allows different sensor values to be displayed on the control panel. The display mode is called up by pressing the "AUTO" and "REAR DEFOGGER" buttons simultaneously. 12 displays are available and you can toggle through them by pressing the fan rocker switch.

Test number


Test 1

Interior Temp Sensor

Test 2

Exterior Temp sensor

Test 3

Left Heater Core Sensor

Test 4

Right Heater Core Sensor

Test 5

Evaporator Temp Sensor

Test 6

Engine Speed Input

Test 7

Road Speed Input

Test 8

"Y" Factor Value . . . Anyone knows what is this?

Test 9

Fresh Air Flap Position in % (99.5% Max.)

Test 10

AUC Sensor Voltage (if equipped)

Test 11

Battery Voltage

Test 12

Software Version

The sensor display functions are exited by pressing "RECIRC" and "AUTO" buttons simultaneously and also by turning the ignition off. The decimal point is not shown therefore 66.5% would show as 665 All temp displays are in degrees centigrade. Negative values are indicated with minus sign

Unfortunately, I have the rotary climate control unit (analog unit), so I can’t test them. If anyone can shoot a video for these tests, it would be great. 

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