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Disappearing Car Doors

2nd January 2008

Disappearing Car Doors


I’ve found a website which is talking about some new concept called "Disappearing Car Doors". It’s a new way for your car doors to open. Until now, we’ve seen four schemes in which a car door can be opened:

1. Doors that open vertically (Vertical Doors).

Vertical Door

2. Doors that open up and out.

Up and Out Door

3. Doors that open in the opposite direction.

Door Opposite

4. Doors that open to the top of the car.

Door Top

But this new scheme that I’m talking about is actually a sliding scheme in which a car door opens down below the car floor.

It’s really cool and electrically controlled. It also can be overridden manually in cases of emergency. I really like these doors, but I’m not 100% sure about their cost or quality. Check them out here and let me know what you think?


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25th April 2007

BMW M3 vs Lamborghini Diablo . . . Great!

Hey Guys,


   What do you think of the Diablo? Yeah, I mean the Lamborghini Diablo? I think you would say it’s a fantastic car, right? Yes, I thought so especially in the NFS games LOOOL!. I thought so too. The Diablo is a great car, but when it comes to BMW M3, well, I believe you better think again of it. Today, I saw the video for a BMW M3 and a Lamborghini Diablo. I was really shocked of the BMW M3 performance. I mean, I know the BMW M3 is a muscle car, but I simply didn’t expect it to be that good. Anyway, I don’t want to ruin the movie for you, so enjoy and remember to tell me what you think of it?


Take a look . . . it’s really nice. Don’t try it at home 😉



I hope you liked the video . . . if not, come on let’s see your videos 😉


Wait for more from … BMW E36 Blog.


Best regards,

Tony Sticks.

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