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Apology For The Last Couple Days

17th May 2008

Apology For The Last Couple Days


Hi Guys,

I feel like I need to apologize for not posting anything in the last two days. I’m sure you think that I’ve been too lazy to write anything. I wish this was true.

Actually, the email server on the BMW E36 Blog has been acting crazy in the last two days and it was thinking, for some reason, that I’ve exceeded my emails limit quota per hour which is actually 500 emails/hour. It doesn’t make sense and that caused the server to prevent me from sending any emails thinking that I’m sending too many emails.

This of course didn’t affect my emails only, it affected the commenting process on the blog because when you make a comment on a specific post, anyone who is subscribed to that post will receive a notification about your comment. This failed too.

The registrations on this blog has crashed as well.

So, I’ve been actually living in hell through these days and I just wanted to explain what is going on.

For the time being it seems the problem is fixed and that everything is back to normal. I promise I will be publishing new posts in no time.

Thanks for understanding.


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