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Mercedes-Benz Is Burning

9th April 2008

Mercedes-Benz Is Burning


Hello, Honestly I hesitated very much before writing this post. On one hand, this video is showing a Mercedes Benz burning like hell, and this is something that I always wanted to see. What can be a better sight for us BMW E36 enthusiasts 😀 . I know some of you may have some passion for the Mercedes cars but I don’t have any. I hate these cars very much even if some people claim they’re the best cars in the world. For me, I believe they are only second best (You know who is #1 in my opinion, don’t you?). On the other hand, I’m sure it’s a tragedy for the car’s owner. I feel sorry for him for the loss. Just watching it burning like this gives me a stomachache, but then I remember, hey it’s a Mercedes, and the pain goes away instantly 😈 . Take a look I’m not sure how you guys would feel about it.

Take a look :-


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