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BMW E36 M3 Review and Info

28th December 2007

BMW E36 M3 Review and Info


Hello Everyone, I found a series of 3 videos talking about BMW E36 M3 cars. The videos contain some tips/info that I found very useful. In the first video, the guy talks about a mistake in the production of these cars and that BMW has produced some cars with two pedals instead of three 😆 . It seems the guy was just joking about this although it doesn’t seem to be a joke to me, but forget about this note … It’s silly. In the first video also, pay attention to the climate control part which talks about how to set the air condition/heater to trigger at a specific preset time. That’s cool, isn’t it? You do know that I don’t have a digital climate control, so I can’t verify this for you.

In this video, I specially liked the one touch open/close sunroof as well, unfortunately I don’t have it. I recall that I’ve seen a DIY (Do It Yourself) for it somewhere. I will check that and see if I can find it. You will also notice the lights above the vanity mirrors which I don’t have as well (man I missing a lot!). Please notice the mistake in this video about how the OBC (On Board Computer) controls the heated mirrors. Please make sure to read BMW E36 Heated Mirrors for more information about this.


In the second video, please pay attention to the double-locking section, which closes all the windows/sunroof automatically. This is really awesome. I just wish it worked for me, unfortunately, it didn’t. About the OBC information, you can read BMW On Board Computer (OBC) secrets! and BMW E36 on board computer . . . learn how to use it to learn more about it. Please notice the rechargeable flash light as well. Is that standard in this car? come on! Am I having a bad day or what?

And here’s the third part:


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