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Bluetooth Ready Headunits For Your BMW

29th January 2008

Bluetooth Ready Headunits For Your BMW


My brother is a big fan of car phone kits. He’s always trying to find the best one and comparing between them etc etc. I didn’t care much about them and I usually use the traditional way to talk on the phone while driving. That is one hand holding the phone and the other is adjusting my head unit 😆 . I also, hated installing car phone kits because it usually involves a lot of hassle. So, I’ve been avoiding this until I realized that the cops are not going to go easy on the issue of talking on the phone while driving.

A year ago, I had a brilliant idea (at least that’s what I thought) that why the big boys like Pioneer and Sony are not manufacturing head units that have Bluetooth units integrated inside them. Which means that these head units can act as a music player + a phone kit at the same time. The head unit is usually connected to the car sound system remember? Yesterday, I discovered that I’m not the only one who thought about this and that this is already done 🙁 . I’ve found two examples for such head units , one from Pioneer (Pioneer DEH-P7900BT)

pioneer bluetooth headunit

And the other from Sony (Sony MEX-BT2500)

sony bluetooth headunit

The only thing that I hate about these two is the illumination color. It’s Blue. I wish they’ve made another type with Amber illumination. It would look and act great inside my BMW E36.

What do you think of my idea which has been stolen by Pioneer and Sony 😆 . Should I go and claim my invention? :p


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