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BMW E36 Features You Don’t Know About

17th June 2008

BMW E36 Features You Don’t Know About


Hi Guys,

I’ve found a thread on the bimmer forums talking about the features that some of us don’t even know they exist in their cars. So, I thought it would be cool to share them with you and see if you already knew about all these or not. So, let’s start:-

1. Speed Sensitive Volume (Harmon Kardon Audio System).
2. Speed Sensitive Wipers:- In the rain, the wipers will change their speed according to the car speed. The 3 settings for the wipers speed are:-
   a. Intermittent:- Wipers go intermittently at speeds above 3 mph (about) and do not work at all when stopped.
   b. Speed one:- Wipers go slowly at speeds above 3 mph (about) and go intermittently when stopped.
   c. Speed two:- Wipers go fast at speeds above 3 mph (about) and slowly when stopped.
3. Closing All Windows and Sunroof By Holding Key in the Lock Position. (Didn’t work on my BMW E36 1993 318is though. I think it’s a 94+ feature). Take a look at this BMW E36 M3 Review and Info.
4. Gas Door Closes with Central Lock.
5. Heated Windshield Nozzles (Winter Package).
6. Heated Door Locks (Winter Package).
7. Tilt Steering Wheel. Anyone got this?
8. Cupholder/Central Console is pre-wired for the ashtray light.
9. Secret OBC Functions.
10. Heated Mirrors.
11. The BC Button On The Signal Selector. Just click your signal stick towards the steering wheel column. You can switch the OBC functions this way.
12. After you park the car you can switch on the parking lights on one side of the car only. To do this, just switch the car off and push the indicator stalk all the way up or down (it’s quite stiff). The right or the left parking light will turn on.

So, what do you think? Did you know about all these features? be HONEST 😈


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