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18 Inch Wheels On BMW E36

6th May 2008

18 Inch Wheels On BMW E36

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Hi Guys,

I’ve seen many BMW E36 cars with 16", 17" and 18" wheel setups. I personally like the 17" wheels on BMW E36 cars most. The 16" wheels are too small and they don’t give the BMW E36 car the look it deserves, which leaves your car unappreciated. So, If I were to change my wheels, I would either go with the 17" or 18" setups. Now, if you want to go with either of these, you will have to take into account 2 factors that will help you decide:

1. Car’s engine:- If you’re riding a 318is like I do, then go with the 17". You can’t go wrong because, believe it or not, the 18" setup will put a heavy load on your engine and worsen your car’s performance.

2. Car’s suspension:- If you have a little low ride, like me (I have a stock sport suspension), then you can go with either 17" or 18". The trick is just to make sure you will not have any tire rubbing. For me, I have the 17" and they look fantastic on my car. If you have stock suspension, you can go either with 17" or 18". 18" is preferable unless you’re going to give your car a drop soon.

If you decided to go with the 18" and looking to give your car a little drop, you may either go with the 60mm drop or 40mm drop. The 60mm drop will make the car look cool, but it’s going to have tire rubbing (most likely) and it will definitely be a hard ride.

I’ve prepared some E36 pics with 18". wheel setup for you to check them out. Take a look:




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