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BMW radio with security code problem … solved!

9th January 2007

BMW radio with security code problem … solved!

Hi Guys,


Yesterday, I fixed the radio problem that I told you about before. During my lunch break, I went to my electrician and we removed the car’s headset successfully after some trials.


He said that he knew someone (who doesn’t work for the BMW dealer here) who can change the lock code and this will cost me around 10$ 🙂 so I was trying to remove the headset and take it to this guy so he can change the code. Fortunately, I found that the previous owner of the car was smart enough (well at this moment I think he is, but I’m not sure about that if the radio was stolen) and he wrote the unlock code on the back of the radio. I was really happy to see it there because it saved me a lot of trouble. So I entered the code and the radio started playing songs again … oh boy … I was really happy to hear it again.


This problem made me realize how important the music was in the car, I was really getting upset from other drivers so easily w/o the music, but now driving is joyful again.


Now I’m thinking of installing a sound system in the car as the one that I used to have in my previous E30 BMW, but I’m still thinking of it. I didn’t decide yet b/c I’m a little bit out of $$$.


Anyway… I hope you didn’t get bored of this story


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Best regards,

Tony Sticks.

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