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BMW Wallpapers from Forza Motorsport 2 game!

9th August 2007

BMW Wallpapers from Forza Motorsport 2 game!

I have found some wallpapers for BMW E36 but these are not normal cars. They are actually a part of a game in which you should not worry about how much they will cost or even if you wrecked them in the track. For you who are seeing this for the first time, I suggest you go and read my previous post about Forza motor sports game. I’m feeling that this game is really awesome and every time I see these wallpapers, I just have to get them and put them on my desktop :D


What is really amazing about this is the way these cars are modified. I’m not sure about this so I have to ask you guys (well… I have to ask those who know or have played this game before) is it hard to modify your car to look like this, or it comes modified already inside the game? For those of you who’d like to check it out, check it here : Forza


Enjoy this guys and let me know how they look on your monitor :-)





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