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A new poll on BMW E36 blog!

5th September 2007

A new poll on BMW E36 blog!


In the last poll we conducted on BMW E36 blog, the question was "What is the type of posts you love most here on BMW E36 blog?". I was shocked to know that you guys only love technical information/DIY procedures. I didn’t expect the result to be so much clear about what you prefer. The final result of that poll is show here:

Poll 2

After seeing this result, I decided to increase the DIY (Do It Yourself!) procedures that I post to the blog. I hope you’ve noticed this and liked it.

As usual, a new poll is started and the question of this new poll is "Would you like to participate in BMW E36 Blog by posting your own articles?". I hope you don’t feel afraid of this question. I know that it might look scary and tricky, but I assure you it is NOT. So, for all of you who are thinking man … Tony needs someone else to write on the blog. I say, no … not at all. I’m not looking for someone else to write, but I’m trying increase the activity on this blog. So, I thought that some of you might have something to say instead of just reading. The idea is to enable everyone of you to post whatever he likes and make him feel like he’s part of this blog, not just a subscriber. So, my question is if you had a chance to write on this blog, would you do it? Please vote on the poll to the right.

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