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Heavily Modified BMW E36

19th September 2007

Heavily Modified BMW E36


I’ve found this BMW E36 318is for sale. This car has a Supra engine which makes me wonder about the title of this post because if a bimmer does not have a BMW engine inside it, then I don’t think it’s a BMW anymore. The engine bay has a Supra 2JZ-GTE engine block, with a huge Garret GT-42R Turbo, assisted by an Autronic SM4 Computer so, you can relax assured the car has a great power. The car also has a 6-speed gear box which is awesome. The car is well maintained and the owner even says that he doesn’t drive it while it’s raining LOOL!.

To be honest, I don’t like this car for 3 reasons:

1. The engine is not BMW, so it’s not a BMW anymore. I hate this.

2. The body kit is ugly like hell.

3. The rims look really bad.

4. The tail lights look really bad too. (umm… did I say 3 reasons?)

The only thing I adore about this car is the interior. I really love it.

Now, if you’re asking for the price for this car, it’s 33,000$. For me, even if I had this amount of money, I wouldn’t buy this car, what about you guys? would you buy it? If the price is high, how much would you pay to get it. Lets hear your opinion guys.


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