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Powerful BMW E36 M3 With Turbo

21st January 2008

Powerful BMW E36 M3 With Turbo


I think some BMW E36 M3 cars have decided to stop being just fast or very fast. They decided instead to become rockets. I’ve seen fast cars before, but I didn’t see E36 M3 this fast. These cars are very strong and I’m almost sure that I even can’t handle such a car. First, take a look at this cutie (and don’t let the looks foul you 😆 ). It’s looks like an angel, but it’s actually wicked demon.

Note: Make sure that you’re sound is on.

Take a look.

So, what do you think? If you’re feeling that your brain is boiling go and get some cold ice, you will need it … Take a look at this too, it’s crazy.


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