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BMW E36 Auto Folding Mirrors

15th July 2008

BMW E36 Auto Folding Mirrors


I wrote before about the BMW Auto Folding Mirrors, and I also found a video for BMW Auto Folding Mirrors in action. The problem with that video was that you needed to operate the mirrors manually. This means that whenever you start your car, you will need to press the button to unfold the mirrors and after you turn your engine off, you will need to fold them back. This isn’t cool IMAHO. So, with today’s video, I found that there’s a component that can control the auto folding mirrors and to operate them using the car’s switch. So, when you turn your engine on, the mirrors will automatically unfold and when you turn it off, the mirrors will fold. Cool … don’t you think? I believe this is a very straight forward task and if you have some knowledge you may even be able to create that component yourself 😈

Take a look, I hope you like it.


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