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BMW E36 From France

7th September 2008

BMW E36 From France

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Hi Guys,

Julien, a reader of the BMW E36 Blog, was very kind to send me some photos of his white 1998 BMW E36 316i. The car looks great and with a fabulous background. Honestly, I couldn’t stop myself from publishing these photos. I’m 100% sure that you are going to love them.

Take a look at the photos and let’s hear your opinions…

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  1. 1 On September 7th, 2008, Max said:

    Well honestly it’s not a big thing… It’s a normal e36 and its 4 door i don’t really like 4 doors. I also think a 316 isn’t worth it… how many hp does it have?

  2. 2 On September 8th, 2008, Valery said:

    Well, I think 316i is worth it because it drinks very few gas and remains a BMW.
    The car is in great shape also, Julien ta voiture est superbe. Jsuis francais en Arkansas, jai une 318i noire 4 portes en tres bonne etat egalement. On sen fou des chevaux, jte souhaite pleins d’autres kilometres 😀 Real nice 316i again, who cares of having a big engine to go 70 here of 130 over there unless you drive on raceway. And the gas price going up, we are at $12 a gallon in France, tell me more about pick up trucks … Anyway, nice day to you all !

  3. 3 On September 8th, 2008, tiny316i said:

    “I also think a 316 isn’t worth it.”

    Hey, there are people who couldn’t care less about hps! This 316i is a white prince. I like it even more because it’s a 316i! My wallet thanks me every day because I own a red one. I don’t live in a middle-eastern country with lots of oil underneath to really justify driving one of those gas-thirsty 325s or even worse, 330s.

    Great car! No stupid tasteless tunning. Just a magnanimous car. The way it left the factory back in 1998, and.. oh! Those sideskirts… in dark-gray… Ãœber classy! They are coloured just like they were meant to be coloured.

    The fact that this is a 4-door just makes it even nobler. The car is in great shape, and has the nicest rims! NIIIIIICEEE!!!! (Ok, my red one is nicer to me, because… well.. it’s mine 😀 …except the rims, which these whitie has nicer)

    Vive le prince blanc! (‘lousy french’ alert)

  4. 4 On September 8th, 2008, Max said:

    Ok dudes it’s just my opinion you guys can think whatever you want but i wouldn’t trade my 325 for nothing..! but can some dude answar my stupid question? HOW MANY HPs Does it have??? Ps. It’s rims are very nice in deed..!

  5. 5 On September 8th, 2008, Valery said:

    It does 102hp to ’93 or 115hp from sept. ’93 I guess.

  6. 6 On September 8th, 2008, Max said:

    Ok Thnx but i’m happy with my thirsty 325i and 200 hp under the hood 😀

  7. 7 On September 8th, 2008, tiny316i said:

    Ok… it’s a M43 engine. M43B16 to be precise… 75kW ~ 101hp.

    The M43 was upgraded in 1998 (M43TUB19). For a 316i it was rated 77kW ~ 103 hp, but AFAIK only ’99 and newer 316i had this upgraded engine.

    So my guess would be 101hp. Mine (1995 316i sedan) is 101hp. Julien would know better, of course.

  8. 8 On September 8th, 2008, tiny316i said:

    As there are people who couldn’t care less about hps, there are also people who care a lot. To each his/her own.

    316i is not the most powerful car in the world, granted. Look elsewhere if what you want a big engine.

    However, if you want a nice, dependable, sturdy, reasonably economic and super good looking car.. there it is. Beautiful pictures!

  9. 9 On September 8th, 2008, Synth3tique said:

    Salut à tous,

    Il s’agit là d’une 316i Worldline de 102 ch en 1,6 L, les jantes proviennent d’une E46. Si j’ai choisi cette voiture c’est pour son élégance, sa fiabilité, ses options et sa faible consommation en carburant. On ne peut tout simplement pas faire mieux en termes de rapport qualité/prix. Je ne cherche pas non plus à avoir une conduite sportive, je souhaite la préserver au maximum et corriger ses quelques petites rides du temps. 🙂
    Version Française :
    – – – – – – – – – –

    A la base je voulais m’acheter une E30, je me suis finalement tourner vers cette bavaroise dès que je l’ai vue en vente, je n’ai pas hésiter une seconde. La peinture est fraîche malgré son age, elle a été parfaitement entretenue et elle ne cumul que 97500 km au compteur. La E30 reste toujours dans mon cÅ“ur et j’espère pouvoir réaliser mon premier rêve prochainement.

    J’aime beaucoup ces jantes qui la rajeunie vraiment, et pour continuer dans cette lancée je pense que je changerai les clignotants oranges pour des feux M3, histoire de rafraîchir encore un peu le tout.

    Pour les petits curieux, j’habite en France comme vous l’aurez deviné et plus précisément à l’Est tout près de la Suisse en “Haute Savoie”. C’est donc ici que les photos ont étés prises.

    Enfin je voulais remercier sincèrement Tony Sticks pour m’avoir accordé une petite place sur ce superbe blog. Merci beaucoup !!! 🙂

    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    English version :
    – – – – – – – – –

    Hi everybody,

    This is a 316i Worldline of 102 hp and 1.6 L, the rims are from an E46. If I chose this car is for it’s elegance, it’s reliability, it’s options and it’s low fuel consumption. You can’t do better in terms of quality / price ratio. I don’t want to have a sporty driving, I would like to preserve as much as possible and correct it’s few small wrinkles time. 🙂

    At the base I wanted to buy an E30, I finally turn to this Bavarian as soon as I saw it on sale, I didn’t hesitate one second. The paint is fresh despite his age, she was perfectly maintained and she have only 97500 km meters. The E30 is still in my heart and I hope to make my first dream soon.

    I love these rims that really rejuvenated the car, and to continue the momentum I think I will change the flashing orange lights for M3 to refresh it a little while.

    For the curious, I live in France, as you guessed, and more specifically in the East close to Switzerland in the Haute Savoie. ” It was here that the photos were taken.

    Finally I wanted to sincerely thank Tony Sticks for giving me a small place on this wonderful blog. Thank you very much !!! 🙂

    Sorry for my english … ^^’

  10. 10 On September 8th, 2008, Valery said:

    Are there more French readers of this website ? It would be cool if we could see how many countries participate to this blog. Tony ?! Could you do that ?

  11. 11 On September 8th, 2008, Max said:

    Give you a shout from Florida.. USA, Country number 1…{Proud to be an american}

  12. 12 On September 8th, 2008, Morris said:

    Hey guys i’m from spain…:D

  13. 13 On September 9th, 2008, Tony Sticks said:

    @Synth3tique: I’m really glad to have your photos here. They are just wonderful 🙂

  14. 14 On September 9th, 2008, Tony Sticks said:

    @Valery: I don’t have such information available. I have a post that I wrote before in which I ask the blog readers to provide information about their cars. This is the post:
    Welcome BMW E36 Blog

    However this post doesn’t provide information about the country. I may write another post and ask the readers to write their information including their countries.

  15. 15 On September 26th, 2008, SauberE36Mexico said:

    Very nice saloon/coupe!!

    I’m jealous, as i’m sure with even a 105 hp lump you could have ample fun driving this through the french countryside. Easy, refined, and reliable way to save gas, and the e46 wheels really liven the car. And greetings from Mexico/Dallas!

  16. 16 On September 26th, 2008, Synth3tique said:


    Thank you very much for your comment !!

    This car is a real pleasure of driving. She has over 10 years but I have the impression to drive a car of 2 years at most … It’s consumption of gas is more than reasonable, it consumes even less than my little Opel Corsa of 1997 ! O_O

  17. 17 On September 26th, 2008, tiny316i said:

    @Synth3tique: Oh, about consumption… do you know how many litres/100km you get with that beauty?

    I’m on 9 L/100km for city drives… just wanted to know because your car looking so good on the outside probably has a well maintained engine 🙂

  18. 18 On September 26th, 2008, Synth3tique said:


    I think I have the same consumption. But I drive few in city, so my consumption is in the order of 6 or 7 liters on the road. 🙂