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BMW Options List . . . Continued!

25th December 2007

BMW Options List . . . Continued!

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I’ve posted previously about BMW Options List and I said that you can find the list of options that your car is equipped with. In that post, I thought that a sticker should be found on the backseat with a list of numbers that are actually options codes. That was correct, but the location of the sticker was not on the back of the rear seat as I thought. It was actually placed on the back of the rear bench instead. I know that because I went and looked for it and simply didn’t find any until I removed my car’s rear bench and there it was. So, here are some simple photos for it:


Disclaimer: Use this info at your own risk!! I’m not responsible if this didn’t work for you :-).

Pull in the direction of the arrows below to remove the rear bench

After you remove that bench, you will see the sticker in the back of the bench

I took a photo of the sticker itself, I’m sorry for the dirt. I couldn’t remove it because. the sticker is actually a normal paper, so using a little water or cleaner on it will simply ruin it

From the list of numbers that you can see (at the bottom of the sticker), I got my car’s list of options

031 ?
055 ?
240 Leather Steering Wheel w/ Airbag
320 Script Name Plate … what is this?
354 Anti-glare Windshield Strip
401 Sliding Sunroof Electrical
415 Sunshade for Package Shelf
423 Velour Floor Mats
428 Warning Triangle/First Aid Kit … this is missing! I’d better go find the previous owner!
440 Non-smoker’s Package
473 Front Armrest
481 Sport Seat – Driver/Passenger
494 Heated Seats Driver/Passenger
510 Headlight Adjustment Low Beam Light
554 On-board Computer V
661 Radio, BMW Business
690 Cassette Box
704 Sport Styling (body and suspension)
801 Order Control … What?
848 Enlarged Cable Harness … excuse me?

This is really awesome to be able to find all the options that came with your car. But unfortunately, I don’t recognize some of the options like 031, 055, 801 and 848. Anyone knows what are these options? Now, I would love to see you guys doing the same thing and lets see if you have any special/rare options on your cars. Try it and let me know.


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