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Interior Car Care Kit for your BMW

25th November 2007

Interior Car Care Kit for your BMW

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Hi Guys, I have found this kit of Zymol products to clean your car’s interior. The kit contains Leather Cleaner, Leather Conditioner (Wow!), Fabrique Cloth Cleaner, Seal Conditioner  and Glas Cleaner + 2 Pre-Wax Applicators. I normally use the usual stuff for my car, but I think I’m going to try this to see how good it is. I know the price is a little bit high, but the products are very good and this kit also works as a gift for car lovers (maybe for Christmas 🙂 ). Take a look at it. You may like to get one for yourself too.

Interior Car Care Kit feat. Zymol - Car, Truck or SUV


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  1. 1 On November 25th, 2007, ricky said:

    WTF!! thats alot, get simple green ($4) and dilute it for ur carpets, go to target/wal-mart/any large store and get armor all leather conditioner (i think $3.50), use shop towels with it since its goopy, but makes leather soft and it has some UV protection, and tap water in a sprayer with NEWSPAPER for glass (dont know why but it leaves a streak free shine like windex)….. hmmm oh and armor all tire cleaner foam ($3), it makes tires look shiny and black. thats what i use, and it cost like 11 bucks for a good 4-6 months of cleaner stuff

  2. 2 On November 25th, 2007, Tony Sticks said:

    LOOOL Ricky! I know it’s a lot, but I’ve heard couple guys recommending it as a gift, that’s why I’m thinking of getting one to try.

  3. 3 On November 26th, 2007, Jim K said:

    I’d stay away from Armorall anything. Their goal is to sell product, not protect your car. The Armorall used on dashes/plastic actually removes paint over time…most of the plastic inside cars are actually painted plastic (all the vents in a BMW are painted plastic and armor all will cause bubbling/pealing)

    For my car interior I use the following:
    Carpets: Dilute Simple Green in a steam cleaner
    Leather: Lexol Leather Cleaner/Leather Conditioner (follow directions!)
    Vinal/Plastic/Rubber: Lexol Vinylex
    Glass: Windex

    The Lexol products are great, and the treatments last (I do my leather once a year) although I’ve heard you don’t want to use the leather cleaner/conditioner on perforated leather.

  4. 4 On November 27th, 2007, ricky said:

    the plastic i dont really do anything 2, i just make sure its not dusty. where do they sell the lexol leather stuff? i do my leather every 3 months to keep it nice and soft and i have a window cover thing to keep light out of my front window since the rest have 45% tint so they dont fad along with the dash.

    yah ive noticed the vents are just painted, one of mine is chipping and i need to ebay one or look on craigslist for someone parting one out