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My BMW E36 318is … nice photos

13th January 2007

My BMW E36 318is … nice photos

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Hello guys,


As I promised, I washed my car today although it was a little bit cold and I then took some photos for it. I hope you like them


What you think of it, is it cool? What do you think of the changes the were made to the car exterior …





Wait for more from BMW E36 Blog.


best regards,

Tony Sticks.

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There are currently 11 responses to “My BMW E36 318is … nice photos”

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  1. 1 On January 14th, 2007, szhred said:

    Hmm this site is sponsored by BMW – Marketing – right. I think it is just like Sonys:

    Tell me if it is, please? And don’t delete this comment.

    Nice car btw!!!

  2. 2 On January 15th, 2007, tonysticks said:

    No, this website is not sponsored by BMW. What makes you think that? As I said in the “About Me” page, I purchased a BMW 318is recently and I thought of creating a website that contains information that is related to this car.

    BTW, this is not the first time I hear this about the site which leaves me confused.

    Anyway, if BMW would like to sponsor this website, I would love to see them paying for my bandwidth & webspace LOOL!!!… but not to control what I post on it.

    thanks for being nice.

  3. 3 On April 10th, 2007, pbs said:

    Cool blog, Nice car. I have a ’93 UK 318iS and it’s a great drive, the best handling e36 there is in the twistys. Shame about those lights on yours though, Bimmers look better with BMW parts on IMHO. Get the white M3 lights & indicators if you want bling, expensive but worth it. You asked for opinions… 😉

  4. 4 On April 10th, 2007, Tony Sticks said:

    Thanks for the kind words. Do you have a photo or a link for these lights? Please post.

    I purchased the car may be 7 or 8 months ago and since that time, I’m really stuck with too much work that prevented me from working on the car as I would love to. only small changes 😉

    I have a plan for my car, and I thought that even the lights are cheap, they look very good on the car (with silver) so I didn’t think about changing them before. Anyway, I will add this to my list :-).

    thanks for dropping by and feel free to post whatever you like here. I’d love to exchange opinions and information about our lovely E36’s

  5. 5 On November 17th, 2007, albert said:

    Nice car, beautiful headlights, it makes you car look so upto date not 1990’s. They look OEM, could
    you tell me where to get them? love your M3 rims, check for beautiful
    bmw kits ABS plastic not fiberglass. Reiger makes your car look like just came out the factory not
    like some cheap street upgrades that you get to see on most cars with third party equipment.
    Get yourself a reiger bumper/sideskirts and you’ll have a your car looking like an e46 m3
    without the 70k price!
    Love your car!

  6. 6 On November 18th, 2007, Tony Sticks said:

    Hi Albert,

    thank you for the kind words, you made my day 🙂 . About my headlights, the car had them when I first bought it, but I think you can find them here:

    thanks again.

  7. 7 On November 20th, 2007, Col said:

    Yours is a very very nice car. I’m impressed.

    However, I prefer my black 320CD sport coupe … the whole 18″ big alloys contrasting with the auto-glym super polished sparkling black (freyja insists i use auto-glym … she’ll accept nothing else). Nice black leather interior too, and the chrome M footplates in you see when the door opens … nice … very nice.

    In summary though … BMW … great great cars … but dont you think virtually all cars are best in black?

  8. 8 On November 21st, 2007, Tony Sticks said:

    Hi Col,

    I would love to see your car after the impressive description you have just made. Can you send me some photos of that car. Maybe I will publish it as Miss November (See ‘Our Models’ Section).

    To be honest, I love silver over black. But in some occasions when I see a well-maintained black car. I just fell in love with it. So, it doesn’t have to be silver for me. I just admire a good well-maintained BMW.

  9. 9 On March 6th, 2008, chad said:

    Nice care man diggint he halo lights

    did you get those off ebay? i think i saw them i want to post pictures of my car onces its at halfway point

  10. 10 On March 6th, 2008, Tony Sticks said:

    @chad: Thank you! There alot of choices for your headlights on ebay. I wrote a post before about this. Check it here BMW E36 Headlights

  11. 11 On April 13th, 2012, Barry Burr said:

    There’s a lot of cheap crap out there for E36 headlights. Avoid everything with a plastic lens. In fact, avoid everything other than real OEM ZKW, Hella, or Bosch glass lens ellipsoids.
    Use Silverstar H1 bulbs, and the combo of these with real German ellipsoids light the road much nicer than cheap toy short circuit guaranteed hack wired Asian HID conversion crap. Do your own correct wiring to the light housing’s correct German four pin connectors, none of this alleged “plug and play US factory connector” scam that’s guaranteed to short or corrode or fail in a few year’s time.
    That gives you a real and correct German factory stock ellipsoid headlght, that never yellows and illuminates and looks better and cleaner and lasts longer and is more durable than any of the cheap low budget crap that the Asian aftermarket copycats foist on many unknowing E36 owners.