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BMW E36 318IS Donuts

10th November 2008

BMW E36 318IS Donuts


Have you ever tried to do donuts with a 318is E36? I tried once, didn’t put much effort to make the attempt succeed, but it seemed like the car’s power was not enough to do a decent donut like I always wanted to. Besides, I was worried about my car, so I couldn’t do the job right. I don’t know how you guys can do this to your cars . . really!. Anyway, today, I found this video for a BMW E36 318is doing donuts. What I want you to notice is the floor. It’s not snow, not wet and not sand. At least, these are all the cases I saw a BMW E36 318is doing donuts successfully in. So, I guess the donuts is possible in a BMW E36 318is after all, but it needs some determination and a heart like steel that won’t make you feel guilty after you enjoy your car a little bit. LOL! Anyone here would like to share thoughts about this subject?

Take a look, I hope you like this video.


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