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BMW E36 318IS Donuts

10th November 2008

BMW E36 318IS Donuts

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Have you ever tried to do donuts with a 318is E36? I tried once, didn’t put much effort to make the attempt succeed, but it seemed like the car’s power was not enough to do a decent donut like I always wanted to. Besides, I was worried about my car, so I couldn’t do the job right. I don’t know how you guys can do this to your cars . . really!. Anyway, today, I found this video for a BMW E36 318is doing donuts. What I want you to notice is the floor. It’s not snow, not wet and not sand. At least, these are all the cases I saw a BMW E36 318is doing donuts successfully in. So, I guess the donuts is possible in a BMW E36 318is after all, but it needs some determination and a heart like steel that won’t make you feel guilty after you enjoy your car a little bit. LOL! Anyone here would like to share thoughts about this subject?

Take a look, I hope you like this video.


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  1. 1 On November 11th, 2008, Anthony said:

    Wow! That thing can barely get out of it’s own way, and it’s doing donuts, I am impressed. I don’t think that I would have picked that location though. :-/

  2. 2 On November 13th, 2008, Rod said:

    It’s a very smooth concrete floor – they act like ice! It’s very easy to brake traction on this kinda surface, if you tried this too often in a standard 318is on a dry tarmac road you’d probably end up with a shagged clutch & diff – or both! I had a 318is E36 for a year till I blew the head gasket doing silly speeds on a motorway (in germany – of course ;o)), I always loved driving it hard in the wet since this was the only time when you could have fun without committing yourself 100% at stupid speeds just to get the back out! It would always bog down too much, mid corner, in the dry when drifting, and it doesn’t have the torque to pull through cleanly.

    I upgraded to a fettled 328, which is much better – but still could do with another 50+ hp to drift easily. E36 M3 Evo with a low pressure roots charger is next on the list…. have fun!