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Top Gear BMW M5 Review

28th February 2008

Top Gear BMW M5 Review


I don’t know if you have noticed this, but I’m feeling that Jeremy Clarkson From the Top Gear show hates BMW. I mean, I’ve noticed this in many occasions where he’s defending either Audi or Mercedes, but never BMW. I like this guy very much and he’s really hilarious, but I’m going to change my opinion if he keeps hating BMW cars :-< . I mean, come on, the BMW M5 in this video is really great, but some how he manages to make it look stupid. I’m not sure if this is some sort of advertising; in which you try to pick problems in a great system in order for others to disagree with you and it ends with them arguing about the same product that you’re trying to review which means that you’ve accomplished what you wanted in the first place. While watching this video, I couldn’t feel anything wrong with this car. It’s simply fabulous. Anyway, please take a look and judge for yourself. Jeremy, I really enjoy your show with Richard and James but come on a little love for BMW doesn’t hurt, they really deserve it.

Oh yes, I almost forgot. Tomorrow, I will write a post about how to fix the dash light of your headlight switch. This a really common problem in E36 cars and it’s possible you didn’t even notice that it’s not working. I will post a very simple DIY (Do It Yourself) to fix it, so stay tuned.

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