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Top Gear BMW M5 Review

28th February 2008

Top Gear BMW M5 Review

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I don’t know if you have noticed this, but I’m feeling that Jeremy Clarkson From the Top Gear show hates BMW. I mean, I’ve noticed this in many occasions where he’s defending either Audi or Mercedes, but never BMW. I like this guy very much and he’s really hilarious, but I’m going to change my opinion if he keeps hating BMW cars :-< . I mean, come on, the BMW M5 in this video is really great, but some how he manages to make it look stupid. I’m not sure if this is some sort of advertising; in which you try to pick problems in a great system in order for others to disagree with you and it ends with them arguing about the same product that you’re trying to review which means that you’ve accomplished what you wanted in the first place. While watching this video, I couldn’t feel anything wrong with this car. It’s simply fabulous. Anyway, please take a look and judge for yourself. Jeremy, I really enjoy your show with Richard and James but come on a little love for BMW doesn’t hurt, they really deserve it.

Oh yes, I almost forgot. Tomorrow, I will write a post about how to fix the dash light of your headlight switch. This a really common problem in E36 cars and it’s possible you didn’t even notice that it’s not working. I will post a very simple DIY (Do It Yourself) to fix it, so stay tuned.

Enjoy :-


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  1. 1 On February 28th, 2008, paul said:

    i don’t understand Jeremys opinion neither.
    personaly for me car looks and drives perfectly.

  2. 2 On February 29th, 2008, Ashman said:

    My dad owns a M5 and im a huge fan, the things Jeremy picked on are sort of true, he may have over exaggerated a bit, but its ture. I like to open the taps on the car all the time and the handling is superb but my mom, who has a mercedes E class complains that the car shakes her up when ever she goes in it. My brother owned a E55 AMG and that was a much smoother car but it was twitchy on the twisties. the M5 excells there.

    just thought I’d tell you. Oh BTW, Jeremy does not hate BMW, he owned a few, he is not a fan of the brand…LOL.

  3. 3 On March 25th, 2012, ooo7jb said:

    Jeremy hates bmw in so many ways?>yes!his way of expressing his opinion about bmw cars is almost at all times ironic,arrogant and generally looks very much ‘constipated’ when or if the bmw name is mentioned.
    i thought he was an objective reviewer,i guess i was wrong,because in so many ways when mercedes,audi or other brands are mentioned he seems pretty ‘forgiving’ even though the drawbacks of these machines can’t be hidden compared to a bmw.
    even when reviewing a honda eg.s2000 he’s very ‘forgiving’ and highlights at all times the good aspects of the car almost ‘overlooking’ other sometimes[depending on the car] important issues.
    in so many other reviews over there bmw cars are excellent and sometimes with difference,but when master-jeremy reviews in his,’commentary-ironic’ way he just gives the feeling or implies that bmw is inferior to its rivals,almost ‘misleading’ the audience,when at the same time bmw’s virtues ‘shine’ against the competition……
    maybe this is a pre-agreed behaviour intentionally put against bmw[paid by rivals?! or something] or it’s a simple dislike[gee,what’s to dislike about bimmers-lol?!] against the brand for unknown-reasons of his own[might be psychologic?!]!
    to conclude,such a behaviour isn’t right or helpful when one likes both these 3[or more brands] and tries to complete his decision…..over a brief comparison…..
    personally,i don’t like his style over bmw cars and believe he’s certainly overeacting.-just to mention-i’ve test driven and owned cars of all the 3 premium brands… others[honda s2000,toyota mr2 etc.].
    therefore,i don’t trust him as an objective reviewer no more,at least as far as bmw is concerned.
    as far as i’m concerned bmw m5 is the ultimate 4 door-performance limo,a car to drive or be driven to work and at the same time when coming back home and feeling the need for speed,a car to enter the track and rippe everything that moves in it…..a 4-wheel-diamond……
    same thing of course goes for the e36 esp. the m3’s and them ‘charged one’s-trackday->everyday!got to love the beast,got to love the best,got to love BMW._
    thanks for watching!