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Upgrade BMW E36 Lights To HID Xenon Fast and Cheap

23rd January 2008

Upgrade BMW E36 Lights To HID Xenon Fast and Cheap

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Do you want to upgrade your BMW E36 lighting to HID Xenon fast and cheap? I’m sure that almost everyone wants to do that. The HID lights are way much better than the usual lights besides, they give the car a very cool look as well. So, in one shot, you can upgrade your lighting to make your night driving as easy as daily driving. At the same time, you are doing an upgrade for the car looks as well.

The idea for today’s post is not mine. Chris who’s a reader of BMW E36 Blog contributed with a video showing a BMW car with HID 10000K kit installed (thanks Chris).

Take a look.

So, what do you think? Is that awesome or what?

Alright, now how you can do this? I’ve posted a DIY (Do It Yourself) before about how to install HID in your BMW E36. Take a look at it. the procedure is really simple and you can use the XenTec HID conversion kit H1 10000K Single Beam Xenon (sky blue) to do the upgrade. It’s really worth every penny you will pay for. Have fun!


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  1. 1 On August 5th, 2008, Dan said:

    I need a new receiver for my key transmitter for the door locks and alarm. The local shop wants close to $500 just to do this. I feel this is extreme for switching a transmitter out. Do you have any suggestions for me? Dan (Oakland, CA)