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Welcome BMW E36 blog readers!

16th July 2007

Welcome BMW E36 blog readers!

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I have been thinking in the last couple days about the readers here who read my posts regularly and just thought how cool it would be to get to know each and everyone of you. I know that the blog doesn’t have a huge number of readers, but I guess that having a little number of readers who really care about a topic is much better than a very large number of readers who don’t really care much about it. I think that my readers are a group of BMW E36 enthusiasts (maybe drivers too . . . I don’t know) who just enjoy every second of life when they’re behind their E36 wheel.


OK, building on what I just said, how about you submit a comment on this post introducing yourself to the community in here? Please feel free to post whatever you like in here and in case you want to follow me, you can write your information like me below


Name: Tony Sticks

Drive: BMW E36 318is

Color: Silver

Year: 1993

Work: Software Engineer … I hope you’re not disappointed


lets see you guys and girls …


Wait for more from BMW E36 Blog.


Best regards,

Tony Sticks.

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There are currently 40 responses to “Welcome BMW E36 blog readers!”

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  1. 1 On July 16th, 2007, Alexander said:

    Name: Solodnikov Alexander (X-USSR (CIS), Kazakhstan)
    Drive: BMW E36 328i
    Color: Silver
    Year: 1996
    Work: Senior IT Specialist

  2. 2 On July 17th, 2007, laz said:

    laz, ’95 M3 Dakar Yellow, I work on the internet

  3. 3 On July 19th, 2007, Dima said:

    Name: Dima Krivko (San Mateo, CA)
    Drive: BMW E36 328i
    Color: Green
    Year: 1996
    Work: Dev. Lead

  4. 4 On July 24th, 2007, newkid said:

    Drive:White 316i (1994).

  5. 5 On July 25th, 2007, tom said:

    Name: Tomas, LTU
    Drive: BMW E36 320i
    Year: 1992
    Work: IT

  6. 6 On July 27th, 2007, Mortuis Gratis said:

    1993 E36 325I
    1996 E36 M3 front Brakes
    Bilstein Sport Shocks/Struts
    H&R Springs
    Beyern Mesh Type Silver Wheels(17×8)
    Vredestein Ultrec Sessanta Tires

    Rogue Engineering Under Drive Pulleys
    AFE Cold Air Intake
    Turner Chip

    M3 Vader Seats

  7. 7 On August 5th, 2007, Denise Wright said:

    Great informative website, thank you! Underwriting Mgr Mortgage Banking:
    1996 E36, 318i 138K miles, just purchased, pick it up Monday 8/6 and I need help with a few things: Left o/s mirror inoperable (could it be the switch?) Fog lamps removed w/wires left intact; front driver and passenger windows work but make a creaking sound going down?

  8. 8 On August 5th, 2007, Tony Sticks said:


    Congrats on the new car! Does the right mirror work? If yes, it’s most probably the wiring or the mirror motor.For the Fog lamps, check this

  9. 9 On August 22nd, 2007, ricky said:

    name- ricardo mollinedo
    drive- 325is
    color- black
    year- 1993
    job- computer eng student at URI

  10. 10 On August 27th, 2007, mark harris said:

    1996 e36 328i
    Montreal blue
    17″ wheels make so much difference than stock 15″,
    bentley manual available in pdf from other bmw e36 web site well worth getting,
    bmw e36 blog great site glad to be a member, lets get more content in

  11. 11 On September 7th, 2007, Jim K said:

    Hey Tony, I just found your site while looking for some info on removing the center console from an E36. I’m working on putting in a BMW HomeLink module (I work for the manufacturer of HomeLink). I’ll definitely be a follower of your blog now that I found it!

    Name: Jim K
    Drive: BMW e36 M3
    Color: Dakar Yellow II
    Year: 1999
    Work: Information Security

  12. 12 On September 17th, 2007, Nick Branco said:

    Name: Nick Branco

    Drive: BMW E36 316i

    Color: White

    Year: 1998

    Work: Software Project Manager and Designer

  13. 13 On September 21st, 2007, Sean C said:

    Name: Sean C

    Drive: BMW E36 318is

    Color: Red

    Year: 1995

    Work: Mechanical Engineer

    Currently, car is fairly stock. Only has a set of lowered springs, 17″ E46 M3 Replica Wheels and a stereo upgrade.
    I have plans to do a bit of a suspension upgrade with Bilstein shocks.

  14. 14 On September 26th, 2007, kim said:

    Hi Tony,I came accross your site 3 days ago purely by accident on google,I could not believe how thorough,easy to read and understand your article on cooling system was after spending £20 on a haynes which I found to be very vague and dissapointing.Ive had an E28 and E34 in the past and somehow managed to steer clear E36s branding them too in your face and associating them with show offs,deep inside I think I secretly liked them ?that was untill 2 months ago,now theres 3? in my household,black 1993 316,black 1996 318 and a calypso red 1999 320.I am now getting worried because I cant keep my hands of them and finding myself in the car port close to midnight fiddling.I have lots of questions for you and lots to share with all of you E36 fans.KEEP UP THE VERY GOOD WORK MATE.

  15. 15 On October 22nd, 2007, Paul said:

    hey there everybody 😉
    i’m from latvia,driving 94 e36 318is bmw.
    i felt in love wth my car.

  16. 16 On October 24th, 2007, seth wakeman said:

    car: 1999 M3 silver/black w/ bbs 18″ rk-gt rims
    have to agree with paul. used to have a 97 M3 sedan. as soon as i drove it, i fell in love with it. when the car was totaled (by a now ex-friend), nothing i tested equaled the E36, so i decided to try the coupe. now im stuck on E36 M’s. thouroughly enjoy the blog, hopefully ill have something to add soon.

  17. 17 On December 16th, 2007, Sylvester said:

    Car : 1999 318is Standard E36
    Bought the car about a month. Absolutely Love it.
    Awesome blog. Very helpful and informative..

  18. 18 On January 19th, 2008, Jennifer said:

    Name: Jennifer
    Drive: BMW 328IS
    Colour: Black
    Year: 1997
    Work: Student/Administrative Assistant

    You have great helpful tips, thanks!

  19. 19 On January 21st, 2008, Tony Sticks said:

    Thank you Jennifer for the sweet words. I really appreciate it.

  20. 20 On March 10th, 2008, Francisco said:

    Name: Francisco Menezes

    Drive: BMW E36 328i coupe

    Color: alpinweiss (white)

    Year: 1996

    Work: Bank Manager

  21. 21 On April 22nd, 2008, Valery said:

    Name: Valery Ladrat (France)

    Drive: BMW E36 318i Sedan

    Color: Jet Black

    Year: 1996

    Work: Student Pilot

  22. 22 On April 23rd, 2008, Nik Michael Imran said:

    Name: Nik

    Drive: BMW E36 318i, E34 525i, E39 528i

    Color: Silver, Black, Violet

    Year: 1998, 1995, 2000

    Work: Software Engineering Undergraduate

  23. 23 On July 29th, 2008, wax said:

    Name: nickname Wax, Colorado USA
    Drive: BMW E36 328i
    Color: Maroon
    Year: 1996
    Work: Advertising

  24. 24 On August 8th, 2008, sebi said:

    Name: sebi, romania
    Drive: BMW E36 316i
    Color: silver
    Year: 1995
    Work: sales rep.

  25. 25 On September 10th, 2008, tiny316i said:

    Name: Javier (Asunción – Paraguay)
    Drive: BMW E36 316i – sedan
    Color: hellrot
    Year: 1995
    Work: software engineer

    Thanks for the site! Lot’s of nice info (the roof upholstery DIY, for example). I also like the monthly misses. Where is Miss August 2008 🙁 ?

  26. 26 On September 11th, 2008, Tony Sticks said:

    @tiny316i: Hi Javier. I’m really sorry I didn’t post miss august 2008. I was really busy. I promise I will post Miss September 2008 really soon.

  27. 27 On September 26th, 2008, Max said:

    Name- Max
    Ride- 325i
    Color- black
    Year- 1992
    Job- Law Student…

  28. 28 On October 23rd, 2008, Elliott said:

    Name – Elliott
    Drive – E36 M3 Sedan, Manual
    Color – Silver
    Year – 1998
    Mods – Short shifter, rear spoiler, m-countour wheels
    Job – Commercial Real Estate

    Purchased my M3 in 2000 with 36k miles. As of Oct 2008, 92k miles and running strong. I love this car and will never sell it. I’ts worth more to me than it’s market value!

  29. 29 On October 24th, 2008, Josh said:

    Name: Josh (UK)
    Drive: BMW E36 325i – track car
    Color: black
    Year: 1992
    Work: Photographic Technician – boring as fook though.

  30. 30 On November 28th, 2008, Pawel said:

    Name – Pawel from Poland
    Drive – E36 328i coupe
    Color – Black
    Year – 1998
    Mods – No mods planned, love the car as it is from the factory
    Job – IT Specialist

    First, thank you Tony for the wonderful job you’re doing here. Keep up the good work, I’m big fan of this site.

    My 328 is my third e36. First was 318i sedan, born in 1992, purchased in 2006. A little crappy and rusty but very reliable – never failed. I’ve got it until now and I use it as a backup. The second e36 was very nice black 328 but she lost her life protecting my wife and mom in an accident on a highway. We (my wife is also a BMW fan) couldn’t live long without a sound of m52b28 engine so after few months we purchased another 328i and we love it. We brought our car directly from BMW’s home city – Munich and It’s first owner was BMW GMBH itself 🙂

  31. 31 On November 28th, 2008, Tony Sticks said:

    @Pawel: Thanks Pawel for the sweet words. I really appreciate them.

  32. 32 On January 31st, 2009, Maz (England) said:

    Hi, I have just stumbled upon this site and saved it to my favourites. Keep it going everyone….

    After running a 5 series for 5 years I went and bought an M3 Evo two years ago and it’s great fun especially with the top down in the summer sun.

    Great site, I’ll be back….

    Bye for now


  33. 33 On February 16th, 2009, Dave said:

    Name – Dave in Michigan
    Drive – E36 328i coupe
    Color – Black
    Year – 1998
    Mods – none
    Job – (sell incense, etc.)

    This is the best car I ever had. Bought it for $4,500 with 143,xxx on it. I enjoy driving it. It handles ridiculously well.

  34. 34 On February 16th, 2009, Jennifer said:

    My last E36 met her unfortunate faith last month with a highway gard rail.. But I am pleased to announce that I have purchased yet another new-old E36! So here goes..

    Name: Jennifer
    Drive: BMW 318ti
    Colour: Silver
    Year: 1995
    Work: Student/Administrative Assistant

  35. 35 On February 24th, 2009, miguel jimenez said:

    i currently have two e36’s one 1993 325i sedan black.
    and an alpine white 1997 328ic with ///M 17″ dsII rims, e46 front bumper with lip, m3 suspension, new clear corner lights, angel eyes, red and clear back lights, k&n filters and loads of ///M stuff. love e36s oh and i almost forgot im a construction worker.

  36. 36 On October 5th, 2010, Miles said:

    Calypso Red ’97 328i 5 spd. 181K miles, some rust, but beautiful nonetheless. $2300 in Denver CO last week, picking it up Thursday10/7/10. Previously owned 87 E30 325i(‘2007), 89 E34 535i(2008). Regretting all the years I had an attitude about BMWs because of a few A-hole yuppies…

  37. 37 On March 1st, 2011, claude tshibasu said:

    I forgot to intoduce myself a bit more,sorry for being rude.
    I’m claude,Im a sound engineer,I own a red calypso, 320i,1992 e36.
    I baught her a year ago second hands,She had a lot of problems and she still,thus i started by giving her a good engine overhaul.I still have to figure out what is causing her huge petrol appetite,hope that thanks to my new family of bmw lovers,I will get some answers.

  38. 38 On April 28th, 2011, Afterburner said:


    Can someone please help? I’ve registered and have not been sent an activation mail. I’ve also tried sending myself the activation mail twice(thats the screen it defaults to because my user id has not been activated, uhmm, but have still not recieved the activation mail.

    Please Moderator/s and or Admin/s help!

    Afterburner (UserId)

  39. 39 On June 12th, 2012, eyo said:

    Name: eyo
    Drive: BMW E36 318i
    Color: white
    Year: 1997

    many thanks to u coz give tips for e36…

  40. 40 On February 21st, 2013, Blessings T Chiunda said:

    Name:Blessings (Exx) chiunda
    Drive:BMW E36 316i
    Color: Y2K white
    Year :1992
    Work :Adminstrator