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Your Car Lighting Setup

7th April 2008

Your Car Lighting Setup

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It’s time for a new poll here on the BMW E36 Blog. In today’s poll, I decided to ask you about your car’s lighting setup? I need to know what do you guys use as your headlights? Are you using the OEM setup from BMW or other alternatives? What about Xenon (HID) ? This is your chance to show off :p

About the previous poll, the question was "What do you think of the posting frequency on the BMW E36 Blog?". 71 votes were made which is good compared to 43 in the previous one. The result of the poll was that 46% of the voters said that the posting frequency was slow and that they want more. 40% said that they’re satisfied with the posting frequency. Take a look at the result of the vote below:

Poll 4 Result

With such a result, I can see that many of you are happy or still hungry for more posts on the blog. So, in the future, I will try to work harder on the blog and put more effort to make more (and better) posts. I will try to keep it reasonable to avoid drowning you LOL!

Alright, now it’s your turn to vote for the new poll. Please take a look at it on the right sidebar and let us hear your opinion. Have fun!


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