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Participating in the BMW E36 Blog

30th November 2007

Participating in the BMW E36 Blog

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I’ve started a poll couple months ago with a question which goes like this "Would you like to participate in BMW E36 Blog by posting your own articles?". The result of the poll was 68% with a Yes answer. Making many users participate in writing on this blog will be a very healthy thing (well I think). It can provide the blog with fresh voices who will add variety and enhance the user experience on this blog. So, I’ve decided to give this a try and see if it’s going to work or not.

Starting from today, if you have any article that you’d like to post to this blog you can do it. You will have to register on this blog (right sidebar). After you register, you can login to your account and write a new post. These posts will need to be reviewed by me to make sure they will have the necessary formatting and other stuff. For those of you who are already registered, I think you may need to contact me in order to modify your user role to become a contributor on this blog. So, please feel free to contact me or submit a comment below.

Please keep in mind that this is just a trial and it should not affect this blog quality or post frequency in anyway. If it worked well and found it helping the blog readers to get more useful information about their BMW E36 cars, I will keep it.

Of course, if you have any opinion about this new idea or you simply hate it. Please post your opinion. You all know that this blog is for you guys which means that if you don’t approve something, I’m not going to do it PERIOD.


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