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A Review for BMW Australia

1st January 2008

A Review for BMW Australia

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I’ve been contacted yesterday by Peter (he’s of the blog readers) and he sent me this link which has a review for BMW Australia. Peter has suffered from problems in a number of BMW cars that he owned.

It’s really sad to read how much of pain he suffered with these BMW cars. I’m really sure these problems were annoying and maybe dangerous in some situations. I recall that my E36 used to turn off when I turn my A/C on and in some situations, it turned off in some bad areas that really scared me (in traffic intersections sometimes). After that, I had to do some research and keep looking for solutions until one mechanic successfully fixed it.

I know for sure that these cars need good maintenance which can cost a fortune sometimes, but I think you all agree that you enjoy driving them. I’m not affiliated with BMW in anyway but I have to be honest about this. These cars are fun to drive.

I have also noticed that every newer model of BMW is a little bit more complicated than the previous one and in some cases leaves you with some problems that no one can help you with. That’s a real situation that I’ve been in couple times lately. It seems that every newer BMW generation gets even more complicated which results in more faults and more money to pay for fixes. I guess the new Mercedes and Jaguar cars are not better though.

With all that said, I know that the cars (especially new models) have some serious problems and in some situation hard to fix also, but BMW is a cool car when it’s working fine 😆 and I guess that’s what keeps the crowd hungry for more of that product.


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