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Funny Joke!

21st April 2008

Funny Joke!


This is a joke about BMW cars that I have read and liked very much! Read below and enjoy!

A man in his 40’s bought a new BMW and was out driving on the interstate at top speed when he suddenly saw flashing red and blue lights behind him.

‘There’s no way they can catch a BMW,’ he thought to himself and sped up even more.

Then the reality of the situation hit him, ‘What the heck am I doing?’ he thought and pulled over.

The cop came up to him, took his license without a word, and examined it and the car. “It’s been a long day, it is the end of my shift, and it’s Friday the 13th. I don’t feel like more paperwork, so if you can give me an excuse for your driving that I haven’t heard before, you can go.”

The guy thinks for a second and says, “Last week my wife ran off with a cop. I was afraid you were trying to give her back.

“Have a nice weekend,” said the officer. 😀


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3rd November 2007

You know you don’t drive BMW E36 when … Funny!


Hey friends, I have found a thread on bimmerforums with this question "You know you DON’T drive an e36 when" and this thread received some very funny responses that I thought you have to see it. It’s really funny and true at the same time. If you think that some of these are not true, then maybe you’re not driving your BMW E36 the way you should. I suggest you go and have a BMW E36 driving course … Enjoy

You know you DON’T drive an e36 when:
…You meet the minimum balance requirement on your checking account.
…You don’t have any “check” lights on in your car.
…You haven’t been checked out by a chick while driving.
…You have a house.
…You only have one car year round.
…You don’t have any speeding tickets.
…You have a solid relationship with a girl, and they say you DO give them enough attention.
…when you know you can drive further because gas mileage is so much better.
…when you are not afraid to put down the windows and have it break on you all the time.
…when you aren’t afraid of constant minor problems.
…when you get tired of driving after an hour.
…you get a good nights sleep every night because your not up till 4am fixing your car.
…when you drive an e46.
…Your headliner doesn’t sag.
…You can open the door with the least amount of effort.
…There’s no blue and white badge at the front.
…A power window switch doesn’t cost $100.
…when you press the “Window Up” button, and the window goes up.
…when you go over a bump and don’t hear SQEAKRATTLESHAKEBANGCRASHSQEAKRATTLE.
…when you park your car and walk away from it without looking back at it and thinking to yourself “****ing sexy…”
…when you drive with the top down through less-than-fortunate neighborhoods and don’t get flipped off.
…when you pull up to someone else with an E36 and they acknowledge you, instead of looking down or to the side pretending to not notice you.
…when you cut a hard turn and your car flips over.
…when you cut a hard turn and your ball joint breaks.
…when you go to a repair shop and don’t have to be escorted out by ambulance due to heart attack.
…when you can afford more than one new mod/repair a month.
…when people don’t chuck crescent wrenches at you when you drive by (yeah, uh huh, happened).
…when you have angel eyes/projectors and other E3 owners don’t look at them like “OMG I never knew that was an option!”.
…when you fill up for less than $50.
…when an oil change is <$20.

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