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The Battle Of Minas Tirith Uncut

5th May 2008

The Battle Of Minas Tirith Uncut

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The battle of Minas Tirith in Lord Of The Rings is really great! I enjoy it very much every time I sit to watch that movie (btw, I think I’ve watched that movie 7 or 8 times until now, and yes, all three parts). What I particularly like about this battle is the speech that Theoden, the king of Rohan, makes just before the second part of the battle begins. It’s really great and I think it’s the best speech I’ve ever heard in a battle (well, in a movie of course 😈 ), it makes me feel like going to fight with them against the orcs. In the uncut version of the movie, it seems like there’s a part when Gandalf tries to fight against the king of Elessar. Take a look at the horse (Shadowfax) after the stick of Gandalf is shattered. It looks like Shadowfax is trying to defend him, It’s a nice scene. Anyway, enough talking, take a look and enjoy the great battle of Minas Tirith ladies and gents 😀 .


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