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The Ugly Parking System

14th October 2008

The Ugly Parking System

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Today, I went to replace my car’s horn because the one with the high tone has stopped working recently and my car’s horn has become really annoying and very embarrassing :p . So, I decided to get a new one and while I was looking for some other models (Not OEM, I couldn’t find new OEM horns), I found a car with an ugly backup system. I’m sure you all recall my previous posts BMW E36 Parking Distance Control (Parking Sensors), Parking System With Camera For Your BMW about backup systems. This new system looks ok, but the ugly thing about it is that the owner (or the one who installed it), doesn’t appreciate the BMW E36 AT ALL. I really hate to see BMW E36 cars with such humiliating mods that clearly show that the car’s owner simply has no taste of what he’s driving. Take a look at this picture of the rear camera:

I took photos for the digital screen which works as a mirror in the front. Take a look:

The system works great, don’t get me wrong and it even has a hands-free system as well, but what I’m saying is that a BMW E36 shouldn’t get drilled like that… don’t you think?

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  1. 1 On October 14th, 2008, Valery said:

    That is T.E.R.R.I.B.L.E, ugly !

  2. 2 On October 17th, 2008, Ken Edmundson said:

    Hahaha….maybe it’s because my last car was an old Cadillac, and the one before that was a Buick Regal, but i definitely don’t need a camera to park my e36. In fact, of all five cars i’ve owned, my 325 is the easiest car i’ve ever parked…it turns on a dime and has almost no front overhang…definitely no need for a camera….if you can’t drive it (and park it) don’t buy it… 🙂


  3. 3 On October 17th, 2008, Valery said:

    Yep, well said. You should see people in Arkansas trying to park … they won’t even fit where you could park an 18 wheeler lool fun to see garranty !

  4. 4 On October 28th, 2008, motelcambodia said:

    maybe he had a bullet hole there ?