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BMW E36 Parking Sensor Installation – Part 3

30th March 2011

BMW E36 Parking Sensor Installation – Part 3

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Finally, I’m happy to tell you guys that I’ve finished the last videos and now, I’m ready to show them to you. I only needed around 4 hours to do all the work, but creating the videos is what really took the time, so please accept my apology for that.

First, let’s summarize what I’ve done until now, for those who didn’t read my previous posts. In my first post BMW E36 Parking Sensor Unpacking, you saw the parking sensor I bought and the different pieces that came in the package. In the second post BMW E36 Parking Sensor Installation – Part 2, you saw how I made the holes in the car’s bumper and how I passed the wires from beneath it and into the trunk. Now, obviously, you’re going to see how I connected everything and how I provided the power to the parking sensor controller unit. Also, you’re going to see how I mounted the system monitor. Take a look:


Next, you’ll watch while I’m testing the parking sensor and how it works:


Please notice that the system is directional which means that if there’s an obstacle at the left of the car’s rear, the monitor should indicate that on the left side lights. The same happens if it was on the right side. The monitor, however, was designed to be mounted on the car dashboard (not exactly what I wanted), so, I had to switch the sensors that were connected to the controller unit. The left ones connected to the right sockets and the right ones connected to the left sockets and it worked like a charm.

Honestly, I enjoyed doing this to my car and now, I’m motivated to do even more, so, please stay tuned as I’ll be publishing more soon…

NOTE: Please feel free to let us all know what you think of this DIY and if you have any questions. Just write them in the comments below.


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  1. 1 On March 30th, 2011, KRNFL69WR said:

    I’m glad you started posting again! 🙂

    DIY is good and easy, i think i would do this mod with my e36!)

  2. 2 On March 30th, 2011, Tony Sticks said:

    @KRNFL69WR: Thank you… I’m glad you find it useful.

  3. 3 On April 16th, 2011, Baback said:

    Good to see your back blogging again. I ended up installing front and rear camera’s on my M3 instead of sensors. All which are hooked up to my screen in the car. I also have added Bluetooth and GPS to my screen and stereo.

  4. 4 On April 17th, 2011, Tony Sticks said:

    @Baback: Thanks 🙂 … how about some pics? or may be a video? I would love to see how you setup these … the cam is a very good idea, but I couldn’t think of a decent place to put it … so, I went with the sensors (I thought they would look like factory). If you can provide them, I’ll publish them here with pleasure.