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Turn BMW E36 Airbag light off

30th October 2007

Turn BMW E36 Airbag light off

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Yesterday, I’ve taken my car to run a full-diagnosis for it. The diagnosis came back to me with two problems. First, the knock sensor which apparently needs to be replaced, but it seems like a hard job and I need to do some research before jumping into it. The second problem was with my airbag sensor. Actually, the right sensor was not running correctly and that what was causing the airbag light to keep flashing in my dashboard. So, if your airbag light keeps flashing for like 5 minutes after starting the car and then goes away, it’s more likely to have one of the sensors damaged and needs to be replaced. Of course, this doesn’t mean that this is the only reason that can cause the airbag light to keep flashing, but I guess this is one of the most common causes. Just run a diagnosis for your car and replace it if it was reported. After all, your safety is the most important thing, right?

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  1. 1 On November 20th, 2007, 4InPWR said:

    Another very common problem are the seatbelt pretensioners. But this will cause a constantly on air bag light. I haven’t gotten around to replacing them yet on mine so the airbag light has been on forever. Now it seems to have dimmed down to half brightness i wonder if this is just a bulb problem or something very electrically weird lol. Also one of my aftermarket light bulbs on the front headlight seemed to get a huge bubble in the glass and had a very burnt look to it which caused it to look half as bright as the other one. I wonder what the heck all these little things are!

  2. 2 On November 21st, 2007, Tony Sticks said:

    As I mentioned in this post, my airbag light was on and I think I saw it dimmed sometimes. So, this has nothing to do with a bulb I guess.

    I will try to post about the seatbelt pretnesioners if I successfully gathered some info. Just stay tuned and I hope I will be able to post information that will help you with your car.

  3. 3 On February 23rd, 2009, lexocom said:

    I need to know something about this airbag thing.

    I am going to remove my Airbag-ed Steering Wheel an replace it with nice sports wheel (with no airbag on it)… Doing this will lead the airbag warning bulb go ON… I have a passenger side airbag. so i need to know if it works fine! how do i turn of this warning only for the wheel side?

    I heart there should be some kind of resistance installed on the wheel side of airbag wiring… do anybody now anything about this issue? Please, Help!