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You know you’re driving a BMW E36 when . . . funny!

1st March 2007

You know you’re driving a BMW E36 when . . . funny!

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I’ve been looking around and I found this forum thread that is entitled, "You know you’re driving a E36 when … ", a huge thread actually about when you realize that you own a BMW E36 and the thread is full of funny jokes. I couldn’t read the whole thing as it was very very long, but I’ve chosen some of the funniest things that were mentioned and I’m listing them here for you to read. If you have more of these, lets see your comments down here :D.


You know you’re driving a BMW E36 when . . .


– You have a big smile as soon as you turn that key!


– You realize with the money you spent fixing it, you could have BMW themselves. LOOOL! true 🙂


– When you find yourself spending over 40.00 in oil at each change plus filter.


– You want clear corners! Yeah babe!


– When everyone thinks you dropped $30K on a car that you only paid $10K.


– When your friends wanna hang out with you more often just to be seen next to your car. LOOL!


– When you drive down to the corner store to grab some milk even though its one street away….and forget the milk on purpose only to go back out again!


– Dealerships treat you like you drive a Ford Pinto


– You can bend your rims by running over a leaf that has blown onto the street.


– You spend time making up excuses to "run to the store."


– When you park your baby next to your window so you can look at her every few seconds and admire her freshly-washed and waxed, gleaming, fantastically delicious lines.


– When your glove compartment begins to sag!!


– You time yourself getting to school in your cars to prove BMW has class and performance (as opposed to Mercedes) . . . Ha ha ha really funny!


– When you have more car care products than your garage can fit.


– When your friends won’t dare to ask to drive your car, coz they know how you baby it


– When the one friend that -does- drive your car yanks the shift knob off with an enthused 1-2 shift, and your heart stops.


– When you sit in near-silence and ultimate dread in the passenger seat, gripping the door handle for solace, as your hair turns grey and falls out, while that friend is obviously enjoying bouncing the needle off the rev limiter.


– When you sigh with relief as you get back in your driver’s seat, and silently swear that no one other than yourself will -ever- drive your beloved car again. LOOOL!! these 4 are really funny 🙂


– You know you drive an E36 when you’re in love with your car


I hope you liked these, lets see your comments. . .


Wait for more from . . . BMW E36 Blog


Best regards,

Tony Sticks.

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