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BMW E36 With Blue Interior LED Lights . . . Revisited!

8th February 2008

BMW E36 With Blue Interior LED Lights . . . Revisited!

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I wrote before about a BMW E36 with blue interior LED lights conversion process. In that post, I presented a video with a modified BMW E36 and it looked great!. After that, I did some research to gather more information about how this process is done. It turned out that all the parts should be removed and the amber lights inside them should be replaced with blue LEDs (Light Emission Diodes). This can be accomplished with some intense work and care.

What I felt missing from this process is the gauges conversion. If you saw the video in my previous post, you will notice the red needles on the blue gauges. I was unclear about how this should be done until I found the owner of that car (DJ Genius). I’ve contacted him and asked him about these gauges and how he made the conversion. It turned out that these gauges are actually sold as one piece on the German Ebay and for a really great price (49 EUR). Check them out here.

I believe this is really nice and will make your car stand out from the crowd. So what do you think of such a conversion? Is it really cool or what?


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