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Your BMW Water Pump Is About To Fail

6th April 2008

Your BMW Water Pump Is About To Fail

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Hi guys, The old models of BMW E36 used to come with water pumps that have plastic impeller (I think the cars older than 1996) and these are real bad boys, they easily fail and almost always with a very bad timing as well. In today’s video, you can see the first sign of a failing water pump. I think checking your water pump should take a minute or two, but it will definitely help you avoid any future overheating problems which can cause more serious damage to your car such as blown head gasket. If you have succeeded this test, it doesn’t mean that your water pump is in best shape, but it can at least give you an indication that you’re doing fine and that the water pump is not going to die on you in the next two days! 😀 I suggest you do your homework to avoid doing it at the most improper times for you.

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